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The ISLPR is a personalised language test used to measure a person’s proficiency in English and other languages. This test encourages as much natural and realistic conversation as possible, compared to other testing systems. To support this the Listening, Reading and Writing materials are carefully selected to meet the interests and needs of each individual.
Lately, ISLPR has been attracting a lot of people’s interest, due to its popularity among people who want to step into teaching field and find themselves working as a teacher.

About the Test

The ISLPR tests all 4 macros skills over approximately 2 hours:

  • Speaking, Listening and Reading abilities are tested through a one-to-one 60 minute interview
  • You then have approximately 60 minutes to complete the writing tasks.

Part tests (e.g. just a Writing test) are also offered, but you must check with the University or registration board if they will accept a part-test.